Stay on picturesque island and harbour café

The island Hamnskär is located at the peak of the Byske fjord, neighbouring the large Romelsön island, and if you stand on the cliffs on Hamnskär and face east, the gulf of Botnia meets the sky far in the horizon.


Hamnskär is located at the edge of the Skellefteå archipelago. There is no running water. No electricity. But there are boats which run two times a day and a total of seven beds combined in the cabin and annex. In other words, you could say it is the perfect set up for a different kind of archipelago experience.

Niklas Johansson runs the Furuögrund harbour café, about 30 km north of Skellefteå.
– The first summer he experienced a great uplift, he says and continued to tell us how he is looking forward to his third year as an entrepreneur in the old port.
– Our concept is food fresh from the sea, served in a sea environment and it seems to be working well. That was probably a big part of how we went from having 2,000 visitors to 17,000 during the summer of 2013. This trend only continued to grow, as in 2014 we had around 55 000 visitors.

Furuögrunds harbour cafée´s great outdoor seating. Photo: Tommy Lundberg.

Stay on the island

The island is located at the peak of the Byske fjord, neighbouring with the large Rommelsön, its name is Hamnskär.  If you stand on the cliffs on Hamnskär and face east the gulf of Botnia meets the sky far in the horizon. That it is an idyllic northern summer spot is a sure thing.

– I dont thing there are many places more beautiful than this to experience the midnight sun, says Niklas.
In the old boathouse you finnd two beds and in the annex another five. All available for booking at Byske Havsbad. Drinking water and other necessities you bring from the main land. Electricity you can do without.
– It will be something of an adventure. But if you would notice that you are missing something, the harour café is only a 10 minute boat ride away.

Hamnskär is open for the public, so there is a chance that you will get a visit from other archipelago enthusiasts.
– The fire places have been a popular spot for a long time, Niklas continues, and Busle boat club´s sauna with the large deck that bathes in the evening sun is of course also highly approciated.

Stay in Skellefteå Archipelago. Photo: Tommy Lundberg.

Boat tour

You can experience the archipelago even if you don’t have your own boat. During the summer you can take a boat taxi with Kinnbäcks skärgårdsturism three times a week from the 26th of June to 2nd of August. The taxi takes you between Furuögrund, the island Pite-Rönnskär, through Halsön and Hamnskär. That therefore makes it possible to take the boat taxi to Hamnskär if you are staying.
– The archipelago in Skellefteå is a real treasure and it is now accessible for many more people, smiles Niklas proudly.