Night out in the city

Eat good food at a great restaurant... Try a beer that you’ve never heard of at the Bishops Arms... Play a game of pool at Old Williams... Chit-chat at Carl-Viktor with classic troubadour music in the background... Chill out with an elegant cocktail at Bryggargatan... Dance all night at Brygg cc or sit back...


A really great night out is all about having a really good plan – from beginning to end. – If it’s me and the girls, we always start by eating somethingnice, says Josefin. On game days, we naturally go to one of the sports bars in the city, on other days we go for a really good restaurant.

In the last two years, Skellefteå’s nightlife has undergone something of a transformation. New restaurants, pubs and bars make Skellefteå feel trendier than ever before.
– There are many great places to meet in the city even after the stores have closed and my feeling is that people today socialise in a slightly different way than they used to. Take, for instance, all the different, flavoursome kinds of beer. After we’ve eaten, we often go to one of the pubs with a wide assortment of beer, to sample. Other times we focus on classic pub activities like pool or darts.

Josefin says that there’s now better mingling and a really great lounge atmosphere even earlier in the evenings. When the evening has turned into night, there are only two things left to do: good music and dancing all night.
– It really feels like Skellefteå’s nightlife has something for everyone.

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