Frälsarkransen - Bönens Trädgård

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Right next to the church in Kusmark a few mil north of Skelleftea is “Frälsarkransträdgården” or “Bönens Trädgård” as it is known.

It is a bean and meditation garden. The bracelet Pearls are modeled, and you can wander between meditation places that are surrounded by plants selected based on each Parla special color and meaning.

Love beads red color is repeated in red flowers and rödbladiga plants. At the site of Desert Pearl is barren and rocky, there is growing cacti and a rusty potato digging stands leaning against a bucket. My garden is hässje wood traveled and on doppärlans place stands a beautiful skultptur in silver and a dish of water.

The café serves homemade cakes, sandwiches, and this week’s lunch.
Here you will also find Fairtrade goods.

The garden is handicap accessible.

Directions: Frälsarkransen – Bönens Tr ädgård is located in Kusmark, just north of Skellefteå at the Kåge River, 11 km west of the E4 (Kåge northern entrance).