Golf, miniature golf or frisbeegolf?

Skellefteå Golf club is one of northern Swedens most appreciated golf courses- and to play in the middle of the night, under the midnight sun- goes just as fine as any other time during the day. But there are more ways to golf in Skellefteå. How about soccergolf, frisbee golf or miniature golf? Simply, four times golf :)


Golf has made a real journy in society, from only being accsessible to the upper-class to becoming an activity for all people. The sport also inspired the development of brand new activites and summer pleasures for the whole family.

In Skellefteå you will find loads of golf experiences. Beside Skellefteå Golfclub´s great golf course there are lots of miniature golf courses, for instance Skellefteå camping´s Adventure golf course. Skellefteå is also the hometown of many worldknown frisbeegolf players. One of the reasons for that is that we have one of Europe´s best frisbeegolfcourses. And if that wasn´t enought, you can find the very popular soccergolf in Bureå. Simply, Golf x4.