17 Feb

Open Scandinavian Championship in Winterswimming – a part of the Worldcup

A Winter Swimming Competition is being organized on Saturday 17 February 201 8 in Skellefteå. This is the Scandinavian Championship and a part of the Worldcup. Last year we had approximately 400 winter swimmers from 21 countries and this year we hope to see 500 competitors.

The competition is being organized by the association Dark & Cold in close cooperation with the Association Skelleftesim, Skellefteå municipality and the newspaper Norran.

Individual competitions in 25-meter breaststroke, freestyle and butterfly, 50-meter breaststroke and freestyle and 100-meter freestyle. Relay races 4 x 25 meters breaststroke where both genders must be represented.
Individual competitions costs:

    • Over 18 years = 300 SEK or 30 €.
    • 14-18 years = 150 SEK or 15 €.
    • Relay costs: SEK 500 or 50 € per team

If you participate in several individual races, the full price for the first race and half price for the others.

Registration closes the 31st of Januari 2018

More information: www.darkandcold.com/en/

Opening hours

17 Feb, 2018 - 17 Feb, 2018
Saturday -