90°F [NITTIO GRADER FAR AND HEIGHT] – Danskompaniet jelnek

Hallen, Nordanå, Ernst Westerlunds allé
13 Nov

90 ° F is a dance performance about closeness and daring to let someone in on life.

“I can’t support you if you don’t lean on me”
What happens to a relationship when you become weak? How come we rarely dare to show ourselves crazy?
We re-examine what it means to be strong and figure out how close relationships can make us both build and demolish our inner walls.
90 ° F is a discharge and an explosive force test that radiates both fragility and strength.

Information and tickets: Skellefteå Turistcenter, tel. 0910-45 25 15 och biljett@visitskelleftea.se

Arr: Skellefteå kommun

Opening hours

13 Nov, 2019 - 13 Nov, 2019
Wednesday 19:00 - 19:40