Dinosaurs The Exhibition

Experience a world of Giants! May 30th-August 25th
Take a step back in time and enter a magical world , our history! 65 million years ago the most amazing creatuers ruled planet Earth.

T-Rex with friends invades Skellefteå

Big as a city bus and with a gap that could swallow 250 kg of meat in a bite. A legendary predator with a jaw pressure of over two tons designed to crush bones. This summer, T-Rex and some 30 other dinosaurs invade Skellefteå.

We all know T-Rex and the fascination of the planet’s, trough the ages most terrifying predator, that breaks the boundaries of generations. Most people undergo a dinosaur period during their childhood and for many people the fascination follows up to adulthood. Tyrannosaurus Rex, for many, is the uncontested dino king, much thanks to its astonishing qualities. Did you think the legend was dead forever?. Then you’re wrong. Now the beast and its friends wakes up to life again. Not in America. Not in Mongolia, but in Skellefteå where Nordic Exhibition welcomes you to Dinosaurs the Exhibition.

"Tyrannosaurus rex is still the biggest, baddest land predator of all time. It was the size of a city bus, with a head almost as long as Tom Cruise is tall and a smile every bit as devastating. Scientists are just as smitten as the rest of us" George Etheredge for The New York Times

New finds and findings make the dinosaurs hotter than ever
For more than 65 million years ago the most amazing creatuers ruled planet Earth. High above ground birdlike reptiles soared across the sky. The dinosaurs are really in right now. Researchers are constantly making new amazing findings. As recently as March 2019, the skeleton of Scotty, the “Rex’s Rex”, was cordoned to the largest known Tyrannosaurus ever with its 13-meter-long body and estimated body weight of 9 tons.

Something that also fascinated and astonished people in general and researchers in particular is the sudden death of the dinosaurs at the end of the chalk period. The accepted image that an asteroid killed the entire dino era was recently questioned by two research teams claiming that a series of volcanic eruptions may have killed the dinosaurs even before the asteroid strike.

A family experience out of the ordinary

Between May 30 and  August 25, 2019 Skellefteå is invaded by dinosaurs when the city is visited by Dinosaurs the exhibition. More than 1000 square meters, visitors are allowed to wander through historic landscapes and blend in with impressive full-scale dinosaurs that, thanks to sophisticated technology, come to life, and move as they are believed  to have done millions of years ago. The king T-Rex will, of course, be in place but is far from alone. A total of about 30 dinosaurs are represented. These include the three-horned Triceratops and the long-necked Brachiosaurus.


Which opening hours apply?
Opening hours vary slightly. See the link Öppettider & priser for current times.

Where is the Exhibition?
Bollhallen, Norrvalla sports field Mullbergsvägen 11 A, Skellefteå

How long does it take to go to the exhibition?
The time that the exhibition takes depends on each company. It is estimated that it takes about an hour to go to the exhibition.

What does a visit cost?
Vuxen 170 kr Adult 170 kr
Barn/ungdom (3-17 år) 150 kr Children/ youth (3-17 years) 150 kr
School class 100 SEK per pupil (same price for accompanying teacher)
Children up to and including 2 years old enter free of charge in the company of a parent/guardian.
* Prices are per person and include VAT.*

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets on site, at Skellefteå tourist center and online.
Group bookings are made via www.dinoskelleftea.se or directly with Nordic Exhibitions at 011-26 50 50.


You can find everything about the Dinosaur exhibition at
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