Market Halls and Artisan Food

– At least 90 percent of our ingredients come from the region. It is important to us that both raw ingredients and processed goods are local”, says Karin who is one of 12 producers, part of the economic association operating the Burträsk market hall...

Market Halls and Artisan Food

Market halls (saluhall) are similar tp open markets but indoors. They often carry an excellent assortment with a focus on high quality food. In Sweden, market halls exist mainly south of Gävle. Stockholm has a couple of huge ones, such as the Östermalmshallen and the Hötorgshallen. Up north, the market halls are fewer and farther between but in Skellefteå there are actually two.

One in central Skellefteå and one in Burträsk. The one in the city, called Stadskällaren, is new. In addition to being a market hall it is also a food bar.
– We have made sections where you can either buy exciting raw ingredients to take home with you, or enjoy a meal right here, says Mie, one of the market hall’s founders. We serve modern, rustic food with a focus on the ingredients. The menu varies constantly as it is based on ingredients currently available at the market hall.

The Burträsk market hall has been in operation for a little while longer. Since 2014, to be precise. Here you will find fish, berries, cheese, meat and home-baked goods. Practically everything is locally produced. Except  the spices, of course — and the tea.
– At least 90 percent of our ingredients come from the region. It is important to us that both raw ingredients and processed goods are local”, says Karin who is one of 12 producers, part of the economic association operating the Burträsk market hall.
– The closer the better. That’s why the funnel chanterelles are picked in the Burträsk forests, the bark bread is baked in Kåsböle and the smoked ham is a product made from free-range pigs at Järvtjärn.


A hand-written sign outside the Burträsk market hall reads: Bred and slaughtered in Åbyn. The distance between here and there is about five kilometres. If anything, that underlines small-scale production, a transparent production process and last but not least, the fact that animal welfare is at the heart of everything.
– We know where our products come from and that they are high quality. We don’t compete with low prices, but the fact is that the mincemeat here for instance, is not a lot more expensive than the one you’ll find in the refrigerator at an ordinary supermarket.
Västerbotten cheese is, naturally, part of the assortment. Anything else would be strange. The market hall is only a stone’s throw away from the Burträsk Dairy, where the legendary cheese
is made.

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