Vitbergen's Nature reserve

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In the southwestern corner of the destination, just on the edge of the rural village Kalvträsk, you’ll find the region's largest nature reserve - Vitbergen. It is a fantastic area that holds breathtaking and magnificent views, enchanting forest environment and fascinating encounters with the deep forest inhabitants. Discover Vitbergen with a award-winning wilderness photographer The best way to truly experience these magnificent forest is in company with the award-winning wilderness photographer Conny Lundstrom. He takes you into a wonderful world full of life and character. And perhaps the best, although it is a protected Natura environment, Natura 2000, you may take as much as you want with you. In the form of photographs. Conny is your guide into Vitbergens nature reserve and the stunning photographic environments. Ranging from 20 meter high observation tower on the top of the mountain to the magical forest. Vitbergen on your own Canoe quietly along the waterways or hike deep into the heart of nature. Climb up the 17-metre high look-out tower and enjoy the incredible panorama. Vitbergen is a great place for adventures on your own. In the village Kalvträsk there are fine overnight accommodations, exciting culture and history, unique church and rural convenience store. Maybe you have headed of Kalvträskskidan, the ski found in Kalvträsk and is estimated to be 5200 years old and the oldest tree subjuct conservated to have been found.