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You might have heard of Swedish Lapland. About our dense virgin forests, our wild and pure rivers and that we in summer experience 100 days and no nights. But have you heard about our excellent golfing opportunities?

I have to say, the never ending light puts the ordinarie life in perspective. Why golf during the day when you can do it at night? It’s nothing like it, I promise you. It’s like impressions heightens and intensifies your game. At least I becomes a better golfer at night. Try golfing in in broad nightlight and find out that the midnight has to bring to your personal game of golf…

Skellefteå golf course

A nice forest and park course.

Appointment terms on the 18-hole course and 9-hole course. We combine the resort’s three 9-hole course hole to an 18-hole course and a 9-hole course, new combination every Monday. Handicap and membership in a golf club is required.

For those who want to try golf, we offer a pay & play course with 9 holes. Everyone is welcome!

Opened in mid-May, and it remains open until it snows in fall. 

Please visit our website for information and opening hours.

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