Skellefteå Drive Center

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Welcome to Skellefteå Drive Center in Swedish Lapland. - SDC; a perfectly secluded multi functional drive center for all types of vehicles. SDC is a former air force base in the deep forest, some 95 kilometers drive from the airport of Arvidsjaur and approximately 75 kilometers to the airport of Skelleftea.

Its only 58 km from SDC to the city centre of Skelleftea, with all the comfort that a town can offer, and still at a very remote location. If desired, its also possible to land aircrafts at SDC. SDCs multi functional drive centre is a 361 hectare big domain with 132 hectare asphalted driving courts on the three former air craft runways. All enclosure with fences and wrought-iron gates, all for Your need of privacy.

In addition to all dry asphalt courts, there is 1.88 hectare prepared skid-pan courts, of which; one handling circle with different types of friction surfaces. one court with dry electronic computer - controlled - pop up obstacles and kick-plate. one hill totally 450 m long with a 200 m long slipway of 3% uphill slope, a plateau that is 80 m long and 50 m wide and finally, an 100 m long and 50 m wide exit, with a 8% downhill slope and ends whit a 100 m right hand bend. We guarantee dry asphalt during our snowy and cold wintertime or at rainy/stormy and hard weather and totally black, night driving - testing area during our midnight sun - bright summer nights.

Here You find an unique horse shoe shaped mountain tunnel. An underground- 3450 square meters asphalted training- mountain cave hangar with a 150 meters long and 14 meters wide straight stretch. Perfect for break tests on dry asphalt, or for testing searchlight in the dark. And You dont have to worry about the weather conditions! - Its always warm inside the mountain hangar. At SDC You will have no fueling problems. We have got a fuel depot and petrol/gas filling station at the drive center.

Need for garages? No problems, we got it! At SDC You find more than 2500 square meters garage hangars and depots with car lifts and truck lifts for heavy vehicles. We tailor make/divide /the hangars and depots to meet Your specific needs and standards. How many square meters of garage do You need? How many car lifts?

At SDC You'll also find; a 4,1 kilometers long road racing track. a multitude of sand and gravel tracks. many kilometers of terrain /off road ATV/ Quad - tracks. lots of tracks for snowmobiles. go kart and motorcycle tracks. There is only 8 kilometers from SDC to lakes, for making ice tracks. We also tailor make land ice tracks. How many hectare ice track do You need?

For Your convenience at SDC we also provide; Modern conference- and classrooms for educations and/or briefing and debriefing. All equipped with the latest technology. Restaurant that can offer first-class dinners with champagne and linen napkins or, why not, enjoy murrikka wooked elk or maybe a reindeer BBQ under the stars in open sky? Sleeping accommodation with full board and lodging or self-catering or maybe You prefer to stay at hotels with international standards?

Outdoor saunas and hot tubs, heated by wood burning stoves. Please don't hesitate to give us a call, or why not honor us with a visit to experience, on sight, the rather extensive training and competition aereals. We're more than happy to help You plan Your stay here at Skelleftea Drive Center in Swedish Lapland, whether You would like to go on a snowmobile safari, manouver an excavator, or rally cars, experience driving in winter conditions or test vehicles.

Welcome to Skelleftea Drive Center - a truly multi functional drive centre.