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The island Pite-Rönnskär, just outside Kinnbäck north of Byske, is a summer paradise with a grandiose past as fishing location, pilotage station and lighthouse station. Of the 30 cottages remaining, some date back to the 18th century. Today they are used as summer cottages.

Pite-Rönnskär belongs to the village Kinnbäck in Skellefteå rural district, but a long time ago fishing rights were donated to the townsmen in Piteå. Twice a year, Piteå clergymen had to give a sermon on the island, and every summer there is still a service in the fishermen’s chapel, built in 1771.
In those days the chapel was a meeting-place for the harbour team. No fisherman was allowed to leave for the herring banks until the chapel bell had sounded. The bell was also used to guide the fishing teams in darkness and fog.

The last fisherman finished in 1958. The Heidenstam lighthouse was automatized in 1969 and finally closed down in 1970 – replaced by the Nygrån further out from land. The summer 2005 it was lit once again, thanks to the owners of the islands cottages.
Still, the lighthouse dominates the island and waters. The lighthouse is a 37.5 m high iron structure, the highest of the so-called Heidenstam lighthouses, and the third highest in Sweden.

Tour boat summer to Pite-Rönnskär, see timetable

If you are lucky there may be the possibility of the sale of smoked whitefish at Pite Rönnskär, ask for Lars Strandberg.

Youth hostel and cafe at Pite Rönnskär, for more info see the website kinnbackskargard.se

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