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Nordanå is a scenic culture and open-air recreation area near the centre of Skellefteå. The park has a long history and has been used as a market and exercise place. The hilly terrain, historic buildings, bird ponds and proximity to Skellefteå River give the park a very special character. Today Nordanå is used for a range of different activities, including festivals, summer theatre and a Christmas market. There is also a large, newly built playground for children of all ages.

The area includes Nordanågården Värdshus (restaurant), built in 1869 as a residence for the sawmill manager JTB Sidén.  The officer´s residence Nyborg is a beautiful, historic building from 1764 built in its current location as a military residence. Next to Nyborg is Kågegården, a well-preserved, old-style farmhouse from the late 18th century that was moved from Kåge to Nordanå in 1928.

The main building in the Nordanå area used to be a secondary grammar school and dates from 1916. The elegant building is in Swedish manor house style and now contains a reception, shop and café, Skellefteå Museum with its exhibitions, three art galleries, archives and Nordanå Theatre. The shop sells products for all ages, including books with links to Skellefteå, local design and handicraft.

Västerbotten Theatre is a county theatre located near Nordanå Park. It has presented summer theatre for the whole family since 1987. The popular performances are often held in the beautiful setting of Nordanå.

A lovely rambling area starts out from Nordanå and follows the Skellefteå River. It passes several historic places, including Bonnstan, Skellefteå’s Church Village with 116 houses and a history dating from the 17th century. The present church is a classic cruciform church completed in 1800 and one of Sweden’s biggest country churches. A little further on, the Lejonströmsbron Bridge, Sweden’s oldest wooden bridge, crosses Skellefteå River.


There are several annual events in the Nordanå area – markets, outdoors theare , national music festival and church events.