Canoe trip in Innerviksfjärden


Canoe trip in Innerviksfjärdens nature reserve

After transport to the shoreline, we put the canoes in the water on the east side of the border to the nature reserve. Once there we take a crash course in safe canoe handling. We then paddle up the stream about 400 meters before we enter the passage to the nature reserve. We paddle slowly around and make us familiar with the nearness to the water and a magnificent wildlife full with birds and animals seeking food and water along the shoreline. After a while we step ashore to cook lunch over an open fire with local specialities. After lunch we take the way home through the other side of the reserve to finish where we started; at the gate to the Baltic Sea.

1250 SEK/ person. About 5 hours , incl. organic lunch over an open fire, refreshments, canoes, life jackets, fishing equipment, transport and guiding.

Number of people: 2-8

Equipment for the tours

Recommended equipment: High boots and proper clothes for the season.

Equipment that we provide: Life jackets included and are mandatory on the canoe trip.

Equipment to loan if needed: Rain boots and rainwear (tell boot size and clothing size when signing up). Backpack, mosquitonet, thermos, knife, compass.

Requirements: Swimming skills required on the canoe trip.

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