Fishing in Byske salmon river


The Byske River is a majestic and unspoiled habitat for the wild Baltic salmon (Salmo Salar), situated just 30 km to the north of Skellefteå. Here the salmon angler will find endless fishspots, one more breathtaking than the other.

The river also holds an interested stock for sea trout, and when the summer night gets a little bit of shade these big fish becomes an exiting prey for the angler.


Salmon season begins in late may, and most fishes enter the river before midsummer. In July the sun and high temperature sometimes makes life hard for the anglers, but a summer rain will stir up things and fishes will can take interested in lures and flies again. August means runs of smaller salmon, so called, Grilse. These, mostly cock fish, are smaller fishes between 1-3 kg and can be great fun for the angler. In August the sea trout which are about to spawn in the autumn enter the river in numbers.
Fishing licenses can be bought either in private houses along the river or at Skellefteå Tourism information.

Salmon Guides

Take the opportunity to try and catch the silvery big baltic salmon under a midnight sun and in the good company of dedicated salmon guides. They take you to the special places, makes wilderness coffee on the bank and they can even arrange with equipment if you make your reservation in advance.
Byske flyfishing guides is your guides to a unique salmon experiance.

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