Fish for pike and perch

Pike is our most popular sport fishing , and rightly so. It is available in many places, grows big and strong, has a fascinating look and is quite often willing to take a right presented lure. With the new methods for fishing pikes like jerk-bait and fly fishing the demand for good water for big pike is rapidly growing. In the region of Skellefteå you’ll find several high quality waters for big pike, and here is a few of them. If you want to increase you chances of that fish of a lifetime, contact one of our dedicated pike fishing guides. Varuträsket. Just 10 minutes’ drive from Skellefteå brings you to Varuträsket. A large lake well stocked with adult pike. Access to a boat is an advantage and these can be hired from the fish conservation association. Ullbergsträsket. Classic fishing waters just north of Jörn with a eputation for producing huge pike. But the lake also offers good chances of catching a huge perch. There are excellent campsites around the lake and visiting fishermen can book a boat from the fish preservation association. Burträsket. A huge, easily-accessible lake with good fishing for ike. But it is mainly zander that Burträsket is known for, as it is home to one of Sweden’s most northerly populations of zander. Burträsket is best fished from a boat, available to hire from the nearby fish conservation association.