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Kroknäs Farm – “The Farm with Cats”

In Between the Countryside in Västerbotten watching several hundred cats out over the beautiful surroundings of Sweden’s only Cat Museum, located in the village Kroknäs.

KROKNÄS is a genuine ancient village dating back to the late 1700s. Until 1920 there was only one owner to the village Kroknäs in Bureå parish. At that time there were no proper roads but only bog roads were passable by horse-drawn vehicles, but ill-suited for motor traffic.

Kroknäs Farm is currently the only property which is inhabited and cultivated. Operations have a clear organic strategy and fair traded products sought wherever possible. It houses everyday “Kroknäskatterna” whose favorite hobby is sleeping, mischief and tiptoe around in the beautiful surroundings. Here are the cats sacred and have dominion over the farm.

The ancient Egyptians mourned a house cat who passed away. Cat Goddess Bastet protected their fields against drought. The Egyptians were also the first who enjoyed the cats as pets. They thought so much about their pets that if anyone killed a cat, he or she is punished. In the Middle Ages became black cats associated with witchcraft. Today, cats are the most popular pets in Sweden. This is a selection of all the information available at the Cat Museum, Kroknäs Farm. We sponsor homeless cats in various projects.

For cat interested we can recommend a visit. Here, it is the catwalk in the truest sense. We promise that it will be a different experience.

Admission: 60 SEK
Free admission for children under 12 accompanied by an adult.
We invite our visitors to organic tea / coffee with cakes.

We can arrange special events and excursions. Contact us for information and questions.

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1 Jul, 2017 - 31 Aug, 2017
Måndag 12:00 - 18:00
Torsdag 12:00 - 18:00