The old Church Town, Bonnstan

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Bonnstan is the local name for the Church Town of Skellefteå, which dates back to the 17th century. Bonnstan comes from the swedish (and local) word for farmer, so Bonnstan would transcribe into The city of farmers in English.

Historical context

400 years ago the church village was the centre of the region surrounding Skellefteå. The church-goers from the countryside got together here during church holidays and conducted trade, drank, fought, proposed, asked for God’s forgiveness and listened to priest’s sermons.

But it was also here that the first lines in Skellefteå city’s history were written. Today, the area is a cultural haven in historical surroundings that do not leave anyone untouched.

All in wood

Church towns is a northern phenomenon and maybe the church town of Skellefteå is the most genuine church town in Sweden since it has kept its rustic surface and traditions.

Several of the timber houses are well over 150 years old and in the old days the Church Town got erected due to the obligatory church visits for the farmers and here families. Today there are 116 houses with a total of 392 chambers. These were used as overnight stop for parishioners who lived too far away to make the journey to the church and back in one day.

Traditional events

Bonnstan is a true jewel in Skellefteå, during summer you may experience church festival, local markets and a traditional Midsummer celebration.

Rent a bicycle

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