Bjuröklubb Nature reserve

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The history of Bjuröklubb dates far back in time. As early as during the Bronze Age, when the sea level was about 30 metres above the current one, temporary settlements would be found here. In the 13th century, Bjuröklubb was probably a harbour for Bothnian trade and shipping.
Bjuröklubb as a fishing village also dates far back in time. The fishing harbour used to be in a sheltered bay called Sundet – the Strait, which has now been turned into a small lake by the elevation of the land.

Nature reserve

Bjuröklubb is a nature reserve of national interest, managed by the National Environment Protection Board. Here you will find flat rocks, rubble stone beaches, sand dunes, walking paths, ancient relics and rock carvings. The costal area is characterised by sandbars and reefs that have caused many wrecks over the centuries, at the same time as Bjuröklubb has been a safe harbour. The lighthouse was built in 1859. The light used to run on kerosene but is now electrified and fully automatic.


In Bjuröklubb a good cup of coffee, intressting history and spectacolor views is on the very same place. The Café Fyren (Café Lighthouse) is situated in the old lightshouse and is one of the region of Skellefteå’s most visited places during the summer.

Car rental

It will take you about approximently 45 min. to drive to Bjuröklubb from the centre of Skelleftå. Rent a car at Tidy


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