Tips of the week


Every week the tourist Center in Skellefteå presents easy and accessible things do to for an hour, an afternoon or for an entire day. This is the result

Monday, January 21st
Bring a sled and enjoy a day outside at OK-backen, pack a lunchbag, firewood is there for you to use.
09.00– 17.00 Visit Eddahallen, a fun indoor swimming area for the entire family. Norrvallagatan 1, Skellefteå.
18.00 Creative box with game creation, Campus Skellefteå.


Tuesday, January 22nd
10.00-16.00 The exhibition “to see the world upside down” by Sture Meijer, Ernst Westerlunds Allé Nordanå.
18.00 Open house at the English school, The Great Northern.
19.30 Floorball game Gamla stan jas versus Rig Umeå, Balderhallen.


Wednesday, January 23rd
Lapland Emotions offers husky experiences all year round! For booking of activities, call +46 (0) 72-555 73 36.
12.00-22.00 Bowling at Bowlingkompaniet, 16 courses with the very latest technology, Gymnasievägen 14.
18.30 Skies race Vitberget around, Skellefteå skistadion.
10.00- 21.00 Boda Borg, the adventure park inside the mountain, for booking please call +46(0) 910 – 70 12 70.


Thursday, January 24th
10.00-16.00 See exhibitions at Skellefteå Museum, walk through Bonnstan an old church town with a history dating back to the 1600’s, see Sweden’s largest country church and Sweden’s oldest wooden bridge Lejonströmsbron.
17.30-21.00 Downhill skiing in Skellefteå City at Vitbergsbacken, possible to rent equipment.


Friday, January 25th
11.00-16.00 Visit the new Science center, Exploratoriet, Nordanå.
19.00-23.00 Opera live at cinema with Anna Netrebko as main star from the show that was in New York, Folkets hus Skelleftehamn. *
17.00 Global Game Jam 2019, The Great Northern.


Saturday, January 26th
10.00-15.00 Visit the Ski slopes in Bygdsiljusbacken, it´s possible to rent slalom equipment.
18.00 Hockey live Skellefteå AIK-Örebro, Skellefteå Kraft Arena. *
18.00 Music café with Anna and Håkan, Moröbacke church.


Sunday, December 27th
09.30 Swim contest Repay Open finalday, Eddahallen.
10.00-16.00 Ski downhill slalom at Storklinta ski center outside Jörn (60 north west från Skellefteå) with 6 slopes, it is possible to rent ski equipment for sledding and snowboarding.
19.00 Pubquiz with mixed questions, The Bishop Arms.
13.00-15.00 Winter bath in Stackgrönnnan


* = Tickets are available at Skellefteå Tourist Center



For more activities, attractions and events,  call Skellefteå Tourist Center +46 910 45 25 00  or Changes may occur.

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