Tips of the week


Every week the tourist Center in Skellefteå presents easy and accessible things do to for an hour, an afternoon or for an entire day. This is the result

Monday, November 12th
Lapland Emotions offers husky experiences all year round! For booking of activities, call +46 (0) 72-555 73 36.
6.30-21.00 Swim, play in the jump&wave pool or just relax, at Eddahallen.

Tuesday, November 13th
18.00 Family viewing by Owe Gustafsons work, Nordanå.
19.30 Yoga night with Ulrika Öhlund, Örvikens Folkets hus.
13.00 Exhibition at Skellefteå museum about the meaning of different objects to us people.

Wednesday, November 14th
10-16 Marknadsvantar, an exhibition at the Skellefteå museum about pattern, technique and tradition, Swedish Mountain. and Sami Museum.
10.00- 21.00 Boda Borg, the adventure park inside the mountain, for booking please call +46(0) 910 – 70 12 70.

Thursday, November 15th
19.00 Danceshow Drone, Nordanå theatre. *
19.00 Hockey, SHL Skellefteå AIK-Malmö. *
10-19 Exhibition of old portraits by photographer Maja Åström at Skellefteå museum.

Friday, November 16th
16.15-17.45pm Dance workshop with Erik Linghede, Mullberget.
21-02.00pm Carl-Viktor live nights with local troubadour. 10am-16pm Sture Meijer- to view the world from the upside down, at Skellefteå konsthall/artshall.

Saturday, November 17th
16.00pm Concert with The King’s Singers, at Landskyrkan. *
14.15pm Family viewing/picture workshop with Owe Gustafson, at Nordanå.
15.00 Hockey Skellefteå AIK – HV71, Skellefteå Kraft Arena. *
22pm-02.00am Verandan nightclub Harta Night with local d, 20+.

Sunday, November 18th
See exhibitions at Skellefteå Museum, walk through Bonnstan an old church town with a history dating back to the 1600’s, see Sweden’s largest country church and Swedens oldest wooden bridge Lejonströmsbron. Restaurant Nordanågården book a table at 13.00 or 15.30 phone +46 (0) 910 533 50.
12.30 Market with lots of things, St.Olovsgården. 18.00 Song and music night with the youth choir, at Moröns bh.

* = Tickets are available at Skellefteå Tourist Center

For more activities, attractions and events,  call Skellefteå Tourist Office +46 910 45 25 00  or Changes may occur.

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