Vid skellefteälven
25 Jul

Miss Li, En Flotte 25 july in Skellefteå #enflotte

Artists you like. In Skellefteälven.
Free for everyone, thanks to our partnerships.
Time: 20.00

The artists play on a raft, the audience sitt on land in the area near Brygg Club & Café and Bryggargatan.

It is simple but completely crazy. Dangerous but well-founded. It’s a combination of wonderful things: Some of Sweden’s greatest artists. A specially built raft anchored in Skellefteå River.  Four floating concerts free for anyone who wants to listen.

EN FLOTTE is a unique concept that proves that it’s good to be brave. That we who wants can come together and make it happen, create even more reasons to come here.  More reasons to stay. Experiences beyond the usual.

EN FLOTTE want to maximize the potential of Skellefteå’s best side, the harbor beside Bryggarbacken, and the feeling that can only be seen during bright summer evenings.

EN FLOTTE is possible thanks to the people and companies who are passionate about creating energy and new attitudes to culture and events in Skelleftea, and who believe in co-operation as the key to success.

We are incredibly proud and grateful to our partners for En Flotte 2017:
Skellefteå Kraft​, Maxi ICA Stormarknad Skellefteå, Electrolux Home – Skellefteå, No Plan B, Skelleftebygg, Bryggargatan​, Caverion Sverige,Value & Friends, Stadskällaren​, BRYGG CLUB & CAFÉ​, Krux​, Skebo – Skelleftebostäder AB, Trästockfestivalen, Quality Hotel Skellefteå Stadshotell, PwC i Skellefteå​, Scandic Skellefteå, Skellefteå Airportt​, Visit Skellefteå, HyresButiken , For Events AB​, Henson#skellefteåljuduthyrning#eltechskellefteå #PacsOnPapperspartneriNorrAB #advokatkaiding#brokkskellefteå and more to come.

Free entrance