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House for rent in the countryside, on a small farm close to the meadows and the forest. Up to 8 persons can stay in this house, with view over the lake and access to boat, canoe and bridge.

The house is situated in the village Svarttjärn 30 km south of Skellefteå and 10 km from Skellefteå airport. The house has one kitchen, one big room with open fireplace, four separate bedrooms. Composting toilet and shower in the basement. There is also a conveniently equipped room for joinery/woodwork. 

In one direction is the lake 150 metres away, with bridge and access to a boat and a canoe. In the other direction there is a forest with marked walkpaths. There are also fireplaces for making barbecue. In the third direction you see the house where the landlord lives, 200 metres away. In between are the meadows with sheep and lambs. On the farm also lives a dog used for moosehunting in the autumn, a rabbit, rooster and his hen and the cat with her kittens.

500 SEK per day + 50 SEK per person, ready-made beds and towels are included.

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