The Wildernessmine in Varuträsk


Welcome to one of the world’s most mineral-rich places

Although Varuträsk Mineral Park has been “lying idle” since 1946, when mining activities there ceased, the surrounding area has continued to attract geologists and mineral hunters from all over the world. The reason is simple. This is one of the world’s most mineral-rich places, with about 70 minerals, many of which are very rare. Not least of these is “varulite”, which took its name from the place.

Guided tour

Take a guided tour down the mine. We will give you a miner’s helmet, overalls and boots to wear. Our guides will show you the beautifully sparkling rock faces and tell you about mining operations in the 30s and 40s. For those of you who are looking for a little more excitement, the tour goes into the dark part of the mine – lit only by a torch?

Bring back a stone – bring back a memory

All over the area, you can pick your own special favourite stones and take them home with you. Just buy a bucket, and fill it to the brim.

A good cup of coffee

In the forge you can see the fascinating craft of forging. Try stone polishing in the stone polishing workshop. The café is in the main building and over your coffee, you can look at an interesting exhibition of the various minerals found in the area.