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Lost in Skellefteå? If you don’t know where, or how, but feel a desire to do and experience something special, it might be a good idea to start at Skellefteå Tourist Center. If Skellefteå is your final destination, a stop on the road or milestones in a larger context, you are always welcome to us at Skellefteå Tourist Center.  Here you can pick up brochures, buy tickets for events and find inspiration for your stay.

Tourist Center: info[a], +46(0) 910-45 25 10
Tickets: biljett[a], +46(0) 910-45 25 15

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Opening hours (2018/08/27 – 2019/06/16)
Mon – Fri    10:00-18:00
Saturday    11:00-150:00
29/9            10:00-21:00

Summer Opening hours  (2019/06/17)
Mon-Fri   10:00-18:00
Saturday 10:00-16:00
Sunday    12:00-16:00

We are looking forward to seeing you in Skellefteå!