An honest day's work in the forest

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By horse in the forest - as in ancient times!

Welcome to us at Caribo where you, along with the horse as a work mate, may be to drive up firewood and timber from the forest.

Caribo is a beautiful and special place, a wilderness camp out in the northern woods, where the possibilities are many. A place of fellowship and activities, but also for peace and quiet.

A wonderful setting with streams from the cold source, nature, animals, and silence. Here we want to take care of our guests in the best way.

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We start the activity with jointly download and harness horse. Then we take a horse and carriage to the place, where we will bring home the wood. We fells the trees with a saw, branches and put together. We adapt and distribute information to participants' ability and interest.

One of the highlights is to take a break at work, sit down together at the open fire and cook a pot of coffee. To be served home-made coffee.

Over coffee, you will surely listen to stories and the occasional skogshuggarhistoria from the old days.

After the coffee break, we conclude that drive home the wood, with horse from the forest.

Return on Caribo, there is also the possibility to watch the old tools used by horse today.

The day is led by a trained instructor driving with horse in the forest.

Proximity - Simplicity - Natural - Personal

Time required: about 3 hours Coffee and homemade cake is included
Departures: May- December
Other: Suitable clothing and footwear for the weather liability is
We speak English.
Transfers can be arranged at additional cost.

Hemmistjärn, between Drängsmark and Kusmark, about 30 minutes northwest of Skellefteå. More detailed directions are available on our website.


27 Jun, 2013 - 1 Aug, 2013
Torsdag 11:00 - 16:00
Fredag 11:00 - 16:00