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Have you ever fantasized about how it would be to sleep in an igloo? Well, now at least you have the chance to build your own igloo or to build an igloo for somebody else to sleep in.

Snow is an amazing material which we will use to build your very own igloo. In the beautiful winter landscape by the river, we will build an igloo together, layer by layer. During the day, we will take a well-deserved break and make a fire on which we boil coffee. We will sit down by the fire and relax for a while, drinking steaming pot-boiled coffee from wooden cups, just enjoying the snow white surroundings. We will then finish our igloos and head home. For the more adventurous amongst you, staying overnight on a reindeer pelt inside the igloo is of course an option too.

Tour Details
Season: jan – mar
Includes: 3-4 hours, private guide, transfer, shovels, hot drink, localy produced delicacies.
Min/max people: 2 – 6

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