Adventure Tower with Game&Play

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In an easy way, we divide you into teams. Then the teams to collect points. These include various branches, among others: Blowpipe, horseshoe throwing, large maze games, bautakulan, pendulum tennis etc.

It also includes adventure tower, where the who dare may take on tasks.

Here you can test their nerves, well above the ground!

The climbing wall is a fun challenge. Anyone who can handle it all the way at the top has come 21 m above the ground. The suspension bridge is the second race of the branch in the tower. It looks really easy, but we promise that for many will be a real ordeal.

During the races pauses and you are treated to coffee and homemade cakes.

Price: 2-6 pers; 350: - / person, more than 6 pax; 250: - for larger groups please contact us for pricing.

It is possible to extend the basic package:
- Dinner
- Sauna and Hot Tub
- Overnight and breakfast
Talk to us and we will do a quote on an extended package, according to your wishes.