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Our name, 360 refers to a whole circle, three hundred and sixty degrees, in the sense that we want to be a complete solution for those who choose to exercise with us. We do not claim to be the only solution. We know that the most important exercise or activity that leads to better health is one that is preformed on a regular basis, whether it’s with us or whether it is walking to and from work.

Our motto “A little better all the time” is something you will notice after a short period of regular training with us. Probably you will feel a little stronger, a little more alert, more healthy, a little more wellbeing. We will strive to live up to this motto, and we hope you’ll see results. We can always do things a little better and we intend to do as well.

Visit to us for exercise, have a moment for yourself or with others, sweat, take a shower and a sauna, have a cup of coffee and feel the great feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction after such a good workout. It is a everyday luxury at it’s best…